Jinko Solar


Maintenance Guide

Jinko Solar recommend the following steps to keep your Jinko Solar Panels operating at full capacity.

  • A built up of dust or dirt on the module(s) front face will result in a decreased energy output. Clean the panel(s) preferably once per annum if possible (depend on site conditions) using a soft cloth dry or damp, as necessary
  • Never use abrasive material under any circumstances
  • Examine the PV module(s) for signs of deterioration. Check all wiring for possible rodent damage, weathering and that all connections are tight and corrosion free. Check electrical leakage to ground
  • Check fixing screws and mounting brackets are tight, adjust and tighten as necessary


Jinko Solar

Jinko Solar Panels come with a standard 10 year warranty, view the Terms and Conditions here.

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