Tesla Powerwall to revolutionise solar storage for homes and businesses

On Thursday night (Friday afternoon Australian time) Tesla and SpaceX founder Elon Musk took to the stage to announce his vew venture Tesla Energy to an eager crowd. With it Musk unveiled the all-new Powerwall, an attractive indoor/outdoor unit housing a lithium-ion battery for storing unused electricity from rooftop solar PV systems.

No Australian pricing or release date have been released, yet Tesla have captured the imagination of the public.

Although the synergy between solar energy storage and their electric vehicle venture is undeniable, Tesla’s Powerwall is far from an add-on for luxury vehicle owners.


In addition to storing electricity for later use, Powerwalls can provide consumers access to smart-grid features like uninterrupted power supply during blackouts and the ability to take homes completely off-grid.

solve-solar-problemsMusk also introduced the Powerpack, an infinitely scalable utility solution for commercial applications. Businesses are already prime candidates for grid-connected solar systems given that their typical energy profile draws the most power during peak hours of solar production.

Homes on the other hand, often experience usage peaks in the morning and evening, missing most of the benefits of solar and feeding the majority of the electricity generated back into the grid. This not only diminishes the return on investment of the system, but can over-burden the network infrastructure as solar continues its extroadinary boom across the country.

With a starting price point as low as US$350 per kWh, Tesla Energy units offer storage at more than half the price of current batteries.

Manufacturing batteries at such an enormous scale Tesla has the flexibility to be aggressive on price, and it’s clear from their announcement that they are dreaming big, offering figures for the number of Powerpacks required to power the entire planet.




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