Solar companies are taking short cuts, and you’re paying the price. Here’s 7 ways consumers are losing out

Solar Sunwerx is a company on a mission and they know what they are talking about.

Paul Jager, General Manager Solar Sunwerx says, “We are fortunate enough to enjoy rave reviews online and people can’t wait to tell their friends and family about their positive experience with Solar Sunwerx.

“A major point of difference between ourselves and our competitors is simple: we go out to site in person to ensure everything is done correctly. You can’t cut corners when specifying a solar system and it’s evident in my experience that there are predominantly seven ways consumers are missing out.”

Here’s 7 ways consumers are losing out…


1) Improper analysis of shading issues

A lot of people aren’t aware that when a panel is shaded it usually stops that panel working.  If more than one panel is shaded then it can affect the rest of the system and cause significant losses.  Some notable shade options which must be assessed are:

  • Trees
  • Aerials
  • New/Existing Buildings surrounding the property
  • Flews / stink pipes
  • Air conditioning vents

An over the phone quote cannot fully assess the unique issues associated with your house or business.  Thus many poorly designed systems are being installed from companies that quote over the phone.

A site inspection from a solar professional can give you proper advice on shade issues and help assess your home’s viability prior to installation. 


2) Structural Integrity of your roof

A particular structure may look like a fantastic place for solar panels to be installed when assessing using Google Earth but the integrity can really only be assessed in person.

A solar professional is able to assess the structural integrity of the roof while on site. 


3) Proper system sizing

A system may actually not fit if the person looking at Google Earth has the wrong image.  Also, if your house has altered since the Google Earth image it may not show up either!

A solar professional is able to assess the quantity of panels and what is the optimal installation direction at your site. 


4)  Is my over the phone quote a firm quote?

Be wary of exclusions from an over the phone quote!! If you get a quote over the phone ensure that there are no extras required that are not included in the quote. Examples include:

  • Extra costs if the system doesn’t fit and they need to re-stock panels
  • Extra costs for difficult or complicated installations
  • Extra costs for a switchboard upgrade
  • Yearly fees charging for a workmanship warranty

A solar professional is able to assess all additional costs on the day and issue you with a fully costed quotation that includes any extras.  A 10 year warranty that you don’t have to pay extra for is standard for most reputable solar companies


5) Full cost/benefit analysis for solar

An over the phone quote company may try and force feed you their latest special and try to get you to sign up within a period of time.  However, the system that is on special may not be the right size or product specification for you!

You may save a couple of dollars by going with an over the phone quote, however sitting down, having a look at your electricity bill, discussing your power usage patterns and doing a full cost/benefit analysis could prove that you may need a smaller system, which will save you money anyway!


6) You are a quotation number, not a human being

If you have no personal relationship with the company you are dealing with it is very easy for them to fob you off if there are any issues with the installation.

A simple search on the internet of “[company name] reviews” will give you a good idea if the company you are get a quote off treats their customers well.  A face to face consultation means that the company you choose will see you as a human being, not customer number “23407”.  You will personally know the representative that sold you the system and if anything goes wrong they will be available to help you through the customer service process. 


7) Leopards don’t change their spots, beware poor customer service

You will usually find that the way the sales process is structured is very similar to how the company treat you moving forward.  Be very wary of the hard sell company!!

Solar panels last 25+ years.  If you are investing in a product that last this long, it is best practice to talk with a reputable company and get some solid advice prior to installing a system.