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Unlike ordinary Solar Power (grid connected)  inverters, Micro-Inverters can be allocated to individual solar panel modules. The output of each solar power module can then be paralleled and combined when being interconnected to the grid.

As each solar module (usually an individual solar panel in a string) can function independently, Micro Inverters can provide maximum output by utilising maximum power point tracking (MPPT).

Studies suggest that while micro-inverter setups incur a higher cost per watt when initialised, they offer better efficiency and reduced output loss compared to central inverters connected to strings of solar panels.


Solar Sunwerx – Micro Inverter Melbourne supplier

While Micro-Inverter costs haven’t enjoyed the price reductions of standard solar PV panels and grid-tied inverters, Solar Sunwerx can examine your electricity consumption profile and determine whether micro-inverters are the best option for your home or business. Our energy audit agents and solar panel installers have proven experience with all varieties of solar system installations.

While in widespread use in regions such as the US, the uptake of micro-inverters in Australia has been slow. It is estimated that only ten percent of solar power installation in Australia are micro-inverters compared to 40% in the United States.

It’s expected that with the fall in cost of PV panel technology, and the rising cost of electricity bills, obtaining a balanced system that offers the best return on investment needs to be the central focus of a solar power system.

Micro-inverters offer the safest and most upgradeable option for those looking to install a solar power system. They are especially effective in areas where the solar panels could be subject to shading. Recent surveys suggested that 30-40 percent of prospective solar customers encounter some issues of rooftops being shaded by trees or nearby buildings, making micro-inverters a perfect option.

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