Solar Panels

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Solar Sunwerx have sourced the highest rated and most affordable panels on the market. Made to exacting standards, we have looked at all the offerings and selected the most efficient panels that won’t over-burden your investment.

Jinko features

  • 7th largest solar panel manufacturer in the world
  • Positive power tolerance +3%
  • Highest ratings for performance ration and yield in 2012 Photon Report
  • Publicly listed company, in business since 2006
  • 25 year warranty on 80% output

Jinko Solar are one of only two Chinese manufacturers that are fully integrated, and don’t augment their panels with components from other suppliers. Having recently purchased robotic technology from Europe, Jinko is able to ensure their panels meet the high expectations of their various commercial customers – including a stringent 16 point quality control process.

Independant researchers at Photon International ranked Jinko Solar 2nd for PV suppliers, and chose them for their own solar power system.

Solar Sunwerx have used Jinko solar panels for the majority of their installations for the last seven years. From small rooftops to large-scale installations, you can see dozens of these installations in the gallery section.

For more information regarding Jinko solar panels feel free to contact Solar Sunwerx or visit the Jinko website.

Topsola panels Melbourne

Topsola are considered one of the pioneers of Chinese solar module manufacturing. Established in Shanghai in 2002, their panels meet stringent European standards and have stood the test of time for over a decade.

Topsola features

  • 12 year Material & Workmanship warranty backed by Chubb Insurance
  • Excellent performance in low light conditions
  • Anti-reflective coating improves light absorption and reduces surface dust

For more information on Topsola contact Solar Sunwerx or visit the Topsola website.

Perfect for the harsh conditions on the Northern Territory, Q-Cells offer consistent performance while meeting the strict specifications demanded from the northern elements.

Q-Cells features

  • Best polycrystalline solar module by Photon International
  • Tested in the independent Desert Knowledge Australia Solar Centre (DKASC)
  • Used throughout harsh climates like New Delhi and Saudi Arabia

For more information regarding Q-Cells solar panels feel free to contact Solar Sunwerx or visit the Q-Cells website.