Solar Power System Servicing

Sometimes your system just isn’t performing the way it should.

Although solar panels should operate autonomously without requiring maintenance, there are a number of pressure points where complications can arise.

Monitoring your system will immediately expose underlying issues with your system, however for systems without monitoring it may be too late before problems present themselves. This is the worst possible scenario and may result in unexpected increases in your electricity bills!

Does my warranty cover me for any and all problems?

Solar Sunwerx offers an extensive workmanship warranty, and solar panels and inverters are also covered by their own generous warranties. However there are a number of components, wiring, isolators and other gadgets that occasionally require attention to ensure optimal system performance.

Just like your car or an air-conditioner it pays to have your solar system serviced every once in a while to keep it running smoothly.

My inverter is showing a fault, do I need to pay to have someone look at it?

Within the first few years of operation things should hum along smoothly and our faults and operations team are willing and able to help if something goes wrong. A system service however is designed to prevent issues before they occur.

We can say from experience that our installers love seeing our systems operating at full capacity, and saving you money in the process.

Our installers love seeing their systems operating at full capacity almost as much as they love installing them in the first place. Having your solar system serviced by an accredited solar professional is affordable and provides peace of mind.


Melbourne metro area only. Some charges may apply for regional installations.

System Service Includes

  • Solar Panel and Inverter Inspection

    System surveyance highlighting current and potential solar panel and solar hot water issues.

  • Balance of system

    Inspecting wiring and components to ensure performance and safety standards are met.

  • Energy production

    Ensuring the system is producing adequate power appropriate to its size, age and expected energy yield.

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