SolaX Wifi Setup

SolaX Customer Support

For assistance connecting your SolaX inverter to your home or business WiFi please contact the SolaX Customer Support team on 1300 476 529.

SolaX have produced a very useful video demonstrating the steps required to set up your SolaX data monitoring:

  1. Connect the SolaX inverter to the WiFi on the premises
  2. Set up an account on
  3. Monitor your inverter through the website or Android / iOS app

The following video illustrates the first two steps, setting up your inverter and solarman account to recive the data transmitted from your new SolaX inverter.


1. Connect your SolaX inverter to your WiFi

First your SolaX inverter needs to be connected to the WiFi available at the premises. You can use a laptop (or iPad if available) to connect to the Inverter.

Once this is done open a browser and visit the address which will display the inverter’s setup up screen (the password and username are both “admin”).

Run the setup Wizard, select your WiFi name and enter your WiFi password.

SolaX provide a comprehensive guide to setting up your inverter to a WiFi connection for monitoring purposes.


2. Creating an account with Solar Man

  • Go to
  • Go to “register now”
  • Your email address will become your username
  • Create your own password
  • Choose your own site name (Perhaps your surname and street)
  • Now you can return to the home page and log in from ANY PC / tablet


  1. Enter your system size by the kW unit (e.g. 4)
  2. Feed in Tariff (what you pay per kWh – can be obtained from your bill)
  3. Panel type and Inverter type will be on your paperwork but is not essential
  4. Datalogger S/N – Use the Wi-Fi serial on the side of the inverter (NOTE: Not the unit serial number!)

3. Solarman smart phone app

  • Download the solarman app (by Riskfit) from the app store
  • Open app and select remote mode
  • Enter your username (email address) and the password you created during registration